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The Padovano Peace Pavilion
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Interior of Peace Pavilion
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Anthony T. Padovano holds doctorates and professorships in theology and literature. He is the author of twenty-nine books including three award-winning plays, translated into nine languages. He has been visiting professor at twenty-five American colleges and universities, lectures world-wide and appears regularly in the media on both sides of the Atlantic.

Dr. Padovano presents occasionally at United Nations Conferences in New York City, Geneva and The Hague. He has been invited to the White House and Congressional staff meetings as a consultant for pending programs and legislation.  Dr. Padovano was the first elected president of CORPUS and served in that capacity for ten years. He is a founding member and a distinguished professor emeritus who has taught literature and philosophy for 45 years at Ramapo College, a four-year New Jersey State College. He also served for 30 years as the pastor of The Inclusive Community, where Catholics and Protestants worship together.

Dr. Padovano's personal and professional papers are in the permanent archives of the University of Notre Dame. 

Recently, Ramapo College of New Jersey opened the doors to a new Spiritual Center on campus. Modeled after the United Nations Meditation Room, and the Parliament of World Religions, the center is open to all people of good will for tranquility and reflection. The Spiritual Center has as its main building the Padovano Peace Pavilion, and two small adjacent buildings for meditation.

The center is the vision of Dr. Padovano, who came up with the idea in 2001 based on the Meditation Room at the United Nations – a place people of all faiths use for contemplation. After traveling to various universities and colleges to see how they accommodate spirituality, Padovano's concept was endorsed by the College.

The Padovano Peace Pavilion serves as a gathering place for worship and reflection on the deeper dimensions of human life.


Another building - the Padovano Commons, adjacent to the Padovano Peace Pavilion, was dedicated on Sept. 26, 2018. The Padovano Commons creates a quiet space for a meal for those seeking friendship with one another.


Remarks by Dr. Anthony T. Padovano on the Dedication of the Padovano Commons


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